2006-01-10 : 3:33 p.m.
Just like starting over

This post, soundbite style: I've moved to a new address.

The post:

I've had this blog since 2001. I've deleted most of those entries, but here's a blog flashback of what my posts were like back then:

I'm sooooOOooooo depressed. Here's some shitty poetry. I'm learning to love myself.

Impressive, yes?

Instead of dealing with the past, I'd like to pretend it never happened. I think that's healthy, don't you?

I will now metaphorically slam my laptop on the fingers of the girl who once typed here -- breaking the knuckles of my youth in order to reset them into the cast of wisdom and maturity (that's Castaneda, I believe)!

It's been 5 years. So, dear 4 people who read my blog: it's time to move to Blogger.

I hope you'll join me...


Or, if you'd like to continue reading my blog:

Change your bookmark to point HERE.

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